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How can we help you?

Please make sure you resync all resources (Settings/Sync All Resources) in Elite Field at the beginning of your shift.

Knowledge Based Articles

Popular in Clinical Release Notes

The CAD feed to ImageTrend is down as well as the WiFi at the Bases.    No CADs will be available for download from ImageTrend at this time.    All charts will need to be POSTED using HOTSPOTS even though the CAD is not attached.

CAD is NOT REQUIRED to POST to Elite Web.    Unit Notified Time must be completed along with other Closed Call Rules to POST the chart.

Remember Posting and Finishing are two different things. The chart cannot be marked COMPLETED/FINISHED at this time because it will not meet the validity threshold.

Please make sure you uncheck the finish box before you POST to Elite Web so your chart will not be lost in Elite Field.

Click here if you need help satisfying Closed Call Rules so you can POST your chart.

Please DO NOT submit a support ticket for this issue.    The IT Department is aware is working on a resolution.